My name is Srishti, and I’m from India. From a young age, I had the interest to learn all the languages in this world. I had fallen in love with the combined significant study of English and Czech philology in the Czech Republic. For pa

ssing the Czech philology, I had to earn a B2 level Czech Language so I join the Intensive Czech language course offered by the Tomas Bata University. 

Tomas Bata University, for me, has been like a small world, inside this huge big Earth. I can’t call this a reality. Maybe it’s like a living dream, from which I don’t want to wake up. Studying in Zlin is so much fun. I never expected that I would get the opportunity to make so many international friends and learn about all the different nationalities, cultures.  

Czech people are so kind, warm-hearted and have a smile on their faces. Ready to help you whenever you need. I also fell in love with Czech beer. I also made lots of memories here. The first and the most intense memory is spending a weekend in the village with my teacher’s family. I just felt like a part of their family, and the Czech countryside is just beautiful. 

If you are thinking of coming to study at TBU, I have a few recommendations for you. It is better to get a little basic knowledge of the Czech language because some people out there don’t understand English, especially the older generation. Definitely make your ESN and ISIC cards to get discounts everywhere you go. It is great, especially for travelling. Also, stay in touch with the Buddy System Group, as they give all the important information, exciting events which might be of some help.


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