Zlín does not have its own airport. The air gate to the Czech Republic is Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) which has daily connections from/to major European cities. There are reliable and frequent connections from Prague airport to the city centre by public transport and special airport buses. There is also the possibility of buying the tickets including airport transport and connections to Zlín. More information about flight timetables and transport connections from/to the airport is available on the website of Václav Havel Airport Prague at: Another international airport in the Czech Republic is in town Brno ( with bus or train connections to Zlín.

Another possibility is to fly to Vienna (Austria) – 220km from Zlín or Bratislava (Slovakia) – 200km from Zlín. There are train and bus connections to Zlín from the above cities.

As for the connection from the Prague Airport to the train station, below you can find instructions how to get there in the easiest way:

On the following link are instructions how to get to “Hlavni nadrazi” (main train station) from the airport  there are several options, I would recommend you to take an airport express bus (60CZK) or public transport bus 119 (32CZK).


The Czech Republic has connections from/to major European cities several times a week. Most international buses arrive in Prague (Florenc) or in Brno (Zvonařka). There are several buses running to Zlín from Prague or Brno each day.

Further information on train and bus connections within the Czech Republic is available at: “From” write just “Praha” (or any other city you are coming from), “To” write just “Zlín” or “Zlín – střed” in the case of train connections.


The Czech Republic has an extensive railway network which is operand by three main railway companies: České dráhy, a.s. (ČD), RegioJet and LEO Express. Further information on train and bus connections within the Czech Republic is available at:

Travelling by České dráhy, a.s. (

Tickets are sold at every train station and it is not necessary to book your tickets online. The company provides first and second class travel. All their trains stop at Otrokovice (10km from the centre of Zlín) where you have to change to the shuttle train in the direction of Vizovice or trolleybus number 6 or 2.

Travelling by RegioJet (

In combination with the bus it is possible to get to Zlín from large cities. If you decide to travel with RegioJet we highly recommended that you buy your tickets online. From Prague you will take their yellow train from the main Prague train station to Olomouc (direction of Havířov) where you will change to the bus which stops in front of the train station on the left side. On the train there are stewards who can help you and they can also offer you some small snacks. This company provides discounts for people under 26 years old or for the holder of ISIC card.

Travelling by LEO Express (

Private company LEO Express provides their service in direction Prague – Olomouc – Břeclav twice a day. From Prague you will take their train from the main Prague train station to Otrokovice, where you will change to the bus or train to Zlín or take a trolleybus number 2 or 6 to trolleybus stop called Nám. Práce. On the train there are stewards who can help you and they can also offer you some small snacks.

In all cases, be sure to check the information on their websites.

The on-line reservation and on-line payment is required for the trains and buses operated by Student Agency, LeoExpress or for a special train called “Pendolino” operated by Czech Railways. However transport with the above-mentioned companies can be highly recommended – good service, high comfort and low price.

Seats in trains operated by the Czech Railways or in busses operated by any different company do not need to be reserved in advance. Tickets can be bought right away at the train station or directly from the bus driver.


Public transport in Zlín includes buses and trolleybuses. To use public transport you need a valid ticket (stamped in a machine immediately after getting on the vehicle). One-way tickets can be purchased at many stands, in some shops or in ticket machines at stops. You can also buy a ticket from the driver, but it is more expensive. You can buy two types of tickets: transferable and non-transferable. Both are limited by time. You also have to buy one extra ticket if you have large luggage with you.

All the University buildings are in the walking distance, therefore you do not have to use the public transport every day. You might use the public transport if you arrive to Otrokovice train station and then you can continue to Zlín by trolleybus (n. 2 or 6, bus stop Nám. Práce, ticket CZK 15 and extra ticket CZK 12 for luggage). Further information on public transport in Zlín is available at:



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