We know that the current quarantine situation may be very stressful and may affect your common sense. That is the reason why we have decided to bring you several tips for surviving the quarantine to help you keep your mental health in tip-top shape. Go ahead and read the seven tips below!


Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Get in touch with your family and friends online

As a person living in the 21st century, you have endless possibilities for staying in touch with your loved ones. Geographical distance is of no importance in the Age of Internet. You can easily connect with anybody on Earth within a few seconds and share your emotions and feelings in these difficult days. We encourage you to get in touch with your loved ones – family and friends – to face this challenge together. The audiovisual connection might help all of you to feel calmer and safer. We doubt that somebody wants to feel lonely during the quarantine. Love and friendship will brighten up your day. Believe us!


Spend time on your hobbies or discover new ones

Our habits define who we are. Through them, we reflect our personality in the way of feelings and emotions. All of us have a different spectrum of interests. Do we have to ask a question to ourselves as to how much time we dedicate to our hobbies in everyday life? You might be a talented painter who barely finds time to draw or a bookworm who loves to spend a whole day reading an exciting publication. Same as you could be an enthusiastic language learner or a geek seek for the latest technologies. Search the Internet and let your curiosity lead you. Just be yourself and do what you love to do!


Fresh body, healthy mind

The quarantine might not look like the best time for sports. However, with the right approach, you might hit the jackpot. If you miss your cardio workout, you can still work on the endurance in the countryside (at least in the Czech Republic). Numerous variations of bodyweight exercises will help you develop impressive levels of strength. Just search the Internet and find a plan that is suitable for you. At first, consider your current condition and then choose the fit intensity of the training.


Discover and plan the future

Having a positive attitude might have a significant impact on your state of mind during the quarantine. Just imagine that the quarantine is over and plan all the adventures and activities that you would like to experience. Visualize all the places that you would like to visit, food that you would like to taste. Can you feel the positive energy that the ideas have inspired in you? Use your imagination and overcome the current situation by reaching for better-feeling thoughts and for the feeling of freedom.


Enjoy the space to think

Life is an adventure when you are trying to reach your goals and chase your dreams. Think about the ideas that are circulating in your brain. Ideas that could help you to move forward and make your life worth living. Use the time you currently have and prepare yourself for life after the quarantine. Do not miss this chance!


Avoid negative news

Media coverage brings us current news immediately. Unfortunately, there is almost no cheering news lately. Under these circumstances, you should consider a media diet. The negativity of TV news or online articles may cause anxiety or frustration. The important headlines will always find its way to you, so don’t worry about missing anything important.


Set a daily regime

The current situation is not a long unexpected vacation. Make yourself sure that you have a personal daily routine that makes your life as close to normal as possible. Focus on your work, and find time for enjoyment and relaxation. The quarantine is not a party time either. A hangover could have a significant impact on your mental well-being and mood. It would be a high-risk factor that may lead to depression and may leave you vulnerable to the feeling of helplessness.

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