If you’re like the most study abroad students, you keep your memorable photos just on your mobile or camera. Sure, you probably wanted to show off to your friends and family by uploading the outstanding snaps to Instagram or Facebook, but we want to give you a creative way how to make the stunning snaps into a cherished, personal keepsake. A keepsake that will be fun to make and last forever!

1. Photo albums

If you’re searching for the easiest way to store your photos, the classic photo album is a good option. Print your photos, arrange them by date, insert them into your album and hurray, you are ready to flip through occasionally.

2. Make a photo book

There are many websites and a lot of printing companies that offer you to make a beautifully professional photo book. Because you can design it online according to your style, choice of colour, and the number of photos on each page, there is so much room for creativity to remember your favourite moments abroad.

Source: https://www.cheerz.com/us/products/photo-album-hardcover

3. Create a scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook is the most time-consuming yet at the same time the biggest fun! The best thing about a scrapbook is that you can show your whole study abroad experience by adding not only the photos themselves but also boarding passes, ticket stubs, postcards, stickers, notes, etc. Further, creating the scrapbook is so relaxing activity that will evoke the nostalgic mood. In case you are interested in writing as well, you can make a travel journal.

Source: https://www.cheerz.com/us/products/scrapbook

4. Shadow boxes

A shadow box is a box full of memories. These “boxes” are usually glassed-in so you can use them as places to hold not only photos, plane tickets, or maps, but basically whatever you decided to collect through your travel journey – might be a package from your favourite sweet, key chain, or a teddy bear that you got as a present from your international friend.

5. Classic photo frames

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on printing hundreds of pictures, select your favourite ones to be displayed throughout your house or dorm. You can use the basic frames from IKEA or any other shop, you can also think a little bit ahead and buy unique frames in all the places you travelled to so the photos will go well with the atmosphere.

6. Create a collage

You can buy collage frames or use a cork board to make your study abroad collage by yourself. Similarly to making a scrapbook, you can add photos, tickets, or maps. Then hang it in your room above the bed or your desk. A lot of students, especially girls, prefer to have a lighting collage on the wall. The procedure is really easy, you just need to place two nails on the wall with a hammer, then stretch the string or leave it slightly slack. You can create several rows below each other (If you’re feeling bold, create for example shape of a heart). Attach the photos to the string using pegs, and finally, hang up the fairy lights around!


7.Enter a photo contest

UTB International is organising a photo competition for all the international students at TBU Zlin. Enter as many photos as you want from your study abroad experience: pictures of you in Zlin or while having classes, the best/worst food you ever had here, fun activities with your friends, etc. Send us your pictures and win cool prizes like TBU sweatshirt or jacket! 🙂

Source: http://www.be.utb.cz/kategorie-produktu/bestsellery-en/?lang=en

And don’t forget, even if your time studying abroad may be (sadly) over, the memories will last a lifetime with the help of the hundreds of pictures you took overseas. Cherish those pictures and make sure that whatever you do with them, you can look back, smile and be proud of yourself because you “survived” semester abroad!


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