If you’re interested in what else could be seen in Zlín, among previously mentioned 21stAdministrative Building or 14|15 Baťa Institute, then you’re at the right place.

Zlín Zoo

The biggest pride of Zlín. A giant zoo divided by continents will keep you entertained for the entire day. Your feet will be killing you at the end, but you will have fed stingrays, worked out with elephants and relaxed in the Japanese garden. They also offer evening walks in autumn. Get on line 4 or 5 (or ride a bicycle – it is safe and comfortable) and in 20 minutes you will arrive at the stop Lešná ZOO

Zlín Zoo is the most visited tourist destination in Moravia. Every year it attracts more than 600 000 visitors. More information is possible to find on their website.

Touristic Pathway

Do you like hiking and want to spend a little bit of time in nature? You should definitely try out the Zlín touristic pathway, which is located nearby the city centre. The pathway can be used for various activities such as jogging, hiking or bicycle touring. The pathway has its own core point, where you can find information tabs. It provides also for example few posts, where you can stretch your muscles before you start the journey.

Swimming Pool

If hiking isn’t exactly for you and you would rather prefer water sports, you should definitely consider visiting the swimming pool built by Tomáš Baťa. In there you could try out swimming in the 25m or 50m long pools, try the Finnish steam sauna, warm up in the heated steam cabins or try the new whirlpool which was recently opened.

Zlín Chateau

Don’t feel like doing hiking? You could try visiting the Zlín’ chateau, which is situated in the park near the city centre, where you could for a small fee attend one of the currently ongoing cultural events.

The first surviving records speak of this place as an aristocratic residence, which was named a castle in 1360. At first, the modern-looking chateau hides elements of late Gothic, built here by the Tetour family from Tetovo.

 Church of St. Philip and Jacob

Since you’re going through the historical sights of Zlín, you definitely shouldn’t omit the st. Philip and Jacob church, which is situated next to the Zlín’ chateau.

The church was built between 1390 and 1420, and where also the oldest Zlín cemetery was located. In the second half of the 16th century, the church was enlarged and only the Gothic vault in the presbytery remained of the original church. In the 19th century, during a large fire incident in the city, the church and the parish building burned down and in the following morning, the people used drums instead of church bells to ring. In 1849 there was another big fire unfortunate accident, which caused great damage, but also in this year the church was restored and repaired. The church has been since preserved to this day.

Gahurův Prospekt

An urban greenery project in the middle of the city unconditionally loved by the students. A great green hangout place where the grass is so perfect it’s hard to believe it isn’t fake. The space was renovated in 2013 and up to this day it is venerated by many respectable architects. Who needs a blanket with a green bed as soft as plush under your buttocks? All you need is a book, some friends and a little something to bite and sip on. The space has free wifi too!

Zlín Observatory

On the outskirts of Zlín, in the Lesní Čtvrt street, is an observatory in the premises of the grammar school, operated by the Zlín Astronomical Society. You can go to the observatory for various tours, galleries or openings, but also workshops and interesting lectures.

Komenského Park

An undisputed favourite among Zlíners of all ages for all kinds of chilling. Even if we didn’t mention it, you would notice. It is exactly that kind of park you’ve always wished to have around. A true carpet of joy and rest. The best place to meet people and create memories. Especially if you show up around the time of the Film Festival, its atmosphere will suck you right in.

Tomáš Baťa Memorial

Tomáš Baťa Memorial is the most impressive architectural work of František Lydie Gahura. Gahura reduced the monument to three basic materials of Zlín architecture – concrete, steel and glass. Building’s composition express the unique attributes of Tomáš Baťa: generosity, clarity, aspiration, optimism, simplicity and honesty. The monument was open with a ceremony on the day of the first anniversary of Tomas Bata death. Inside is Junkers F 13 aircraft in which Tomáš Baťa died in 1932. Reconstruction of the Memorial was finished in 2019.

Zlín Museum of Shoemaking

An important part of Zlín is also the museum of shoemaking, thanks to the person of Tomas Bata, who is also perceived as the “King of Shoes.”

There are more than a thousand exhibits in the museum, which will acquaint visitors with the history of footwear until the present day. The replicas that are housed in the museum date from some of the late 16th century. Furthermore, visitors will also get acquainted with the development of footwear production and the history of shoemaking.

If you have seen all the mentioned historical sights and would like to try some leisure activities, there are definitely a few interesting places.

Trail of Health

Got a free afternoon and feel like taking a stroll? Great. Let’s start by checking out a couple of Baťa houses, then jump into the woods and onto the Trail of Health, which will lead you through the forest all the way to Malenovice Castle. If you need some motivating, just keep in mind that under the castle you will find our most beloved brewery alongside a little pub. This is where the magic of Zlínský Švec happens. (Don’t be shy and chug a fresh half-dark eleven degree.) With the trolleybus back from Malenovice, you’ll be home in a quarter of an hour.

Paintball and Airsoft

Are you a fan of paintball, airsoft or would like to try it at least once in your life? In Holešov that is located 20 minutes from Zlín, is situated the Paintball City, which organizes teambuilding events for starters or advanced players.

Paintball consists of eliminating opponents using a special paintball marker, which shoots coloured, gelatinous balls with an ecological dye. Airsoft, on the other hand, consists of eliminating opponents with the help of light plastic balls.

Lasergame Arena

If you are not attracted to paintball or airsoft, then you can think of visiting the laser game arena, which has now been newly renovated.

There are sci-fi style obstacles in the arena, and of course, there will also be good music to give the game the right atmosphere.

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