Are you still unsure about TBU being the best choice for you? If you dedicate to us a few minutes of your time, we can try to convince you that you really want to!

1. Zlin City

This city is unique in that everything is close by. In the city centre, there is a shopping centre Zlaté Jablko (Golden Apple), where you can find a pharmacy, supermarket Billa or clothing stores such as H&M. You can also eat here or enjoy a lot of fun with your friends. In the local popular multiplex cinema on the 3rd floor, there is a student discount every Wednesday! In front of the building on the east side, you can find a public transport stop and on the west side a square. On the square, you can go to Polévkárna (the Soup Place), various restaurants such as Kozlovna, Potrefená Husa, but also to the gym.

Near the square, there is the Freedom Park, where it is possible to visit the Zlín chateau or the Comenius Park. A few steps from the Zlín chateau is the Svit complex, which in the past bore the name Bata’ Establishment. In the technical monument area, it is possible to see the former factory buildings, which excel especially in their architecture. Near the Svit area is also the Bata Institute, or Building 21, also called Bata’s skyscraper.

If you want to check out Zlin or you like wandering through nature, then we have directly in here the popular Health Trail, bike paths and various parks (we recommend you look at one of our articles focusing on trips in and around the city).

2. Culture

Zlin also has its cultural side! You can visit the G18 Gallery (gallery of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications, focusing on current trends in Design and Art) or the Regional Gallery. This city also has its own theatre, located near the square, which focuses mainly on Dramatic Art.

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Seasonal events are also very common here. There is a stage for live music and various performances located on Zlin Square. Every year there are events such as the traditional Christmas Fair, the summer Film Festival, Busfest, Majales, Zlin Design Week and much more! You will definitely not get bored here!

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3. Young University

TBU offers modern premises, a progressive approach, six faculties with various fields of study – there is really a lot to choose from. The big plus is that everything is closely located. The university has spent much of its money on renovating and modernizing the university. The majority of the buildings are architectonically very modern and they meet the highest standards in design. The most important place for you will probably be the U13 building, which is also the main TBU building. Because here you will find a library, International Department, Job Center, restaurant (canteen), various seminars, lectures, the Rector’s Office, etc. The U13 building is on the opposite of the congress center, which hosts multiple cultural events such as a university ball.

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4. Student organizations and events

There are also many student organizations in Zlin, such as ESN (Erasmus Student Network) or the Student Union. These organizations organize, among other things, various events for students. For example, ESN holds a Welcome Week for all Erasmus students every year. This is a week of joint activities, where something different is done every day. Student organizations are an excellent opportunity for you to make new friendships and create new experiences! However, if you do not want to join any of the student organizations, you can consider visiting at least one of the annual events, such as Welcoming Newbies or Antiball. The Faculty of Multimedia Communications also organizes various projects that are organized by students such as – Busfest, Zlin Design Week, Through the Fingers, Silent Face, and others. 

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5. Zlin is Instafriendly!

(IG: jsfabb,

Zlin is nicknamed as the green city because it is largely surrounded by nature. You can go on a lot of local trails, spend time in beautiful nature and capture the best details of your trip. When you decide to go to the top floor of Bata’s skyscraper, you can capture a unique view of the entire city. Certainly, nature is not the only thing the city has to offer. In Zlin, you can also have great gastronomic experiences while visiting local cafes or restaurants.

During the year, several photo competitions are held at the IG. Who will win this time, will it be you? It starts with you.

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