David is studying Preparation and Characterization of Nanostructured based Polymer Electronics at Centre of Polymer Systems and is currently in his third year of Doctoral Program.

He says, “In simple terms, my research is trying to build an efficient gas sensor to detect the presence of certain volatile organic compounds using specific nano-structures. “

Below we offer you an exclusive interview with a long-term student coming all the way from India,

What was the main reason for deciding to go abroad?

As a budding science student, I felt I could use the exposure and possible opportunities outside the country that could he help me make a good career in life. This was also in great alignment to my idea of traveling and adventure in a new place.

How did you find out about Tomas Bata University in Zlín?

To be honest, I have not heard about it during my previous degree. I was looking for a doctoral position across various sources online and once I came across this particular project by my current supervisor. It kindled my interest and after that, I learnt about the university.

When you compare your country and the Czech Republic. What is different? Did you miss anything from your home country?

This is a hard question, India and Czech Republic are very different. The culture, the food, the languages and the general perspective are almost opposites. Although, I must say we do share the same positive life attitude and acceptance. I do miss some cultural aspects and festivities but I’m very thankful for the Indian restaurants and shopping websites.

What was your first impression of the Czech Republic and what it is now?

My first impression of the Czech Republic was actually quite nice. My professors and colleagues were quite patient and understanding. Now, I have a better understanding of the country, culture and language. It definitely gives me a much more positive outlook and deeper appreciation for the country.

How do you find studying at TBU?

I like certain aspects of studying at TBU such as the academic freedom and upholding of ethical values in research. It helps make studying a lot more efficient and less stressful. My supervisor’s guidance is very monumental in helping me achieve the required skillsets. Overall, I would say I‘m very satisfied with my studies here.

What do you think of Zlin city?

I feel Zlin is a student city and this univeristy is bringing some color and fun to this monotonous industrial hub. Zlin has its fair share of pretty parks and panoramic viewpoints together with its quirks. All embracing, It definitely found some place in my heart.

David’s favourite place is Kocanda, situated in Jizni Svahy

Why should your classmates study abroad? What would you tell them?

There is so many reasons and things, a student is missing if they don’t study abroad.

Apart from learning vital life skills, they will understand certain academic things with a broader view point. I woud tell them to take a chance to acknowledge the world for life changing avenue and its rich diversity.

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