Czechs love food and it is very obvious in their cuisine that offers various kinds of savoury or sweet meals! We picked 5 of those we think you should definitely try out.

Sirloin Steak

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Sirloin or Tenderloin Steak, is one of the most liked meals you should try. In Czech it is called ‘Svíčková’, it consists of dumplings, sirloin steak and sauce made out of carrots and cream.



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Goulash despite being a kind of universal meal, has its own variation in the Czech Republic and is very popular among people. The most typical form of goulash is beef meat, sauce with dumplings. However, it can also be goulash with potatoes and sausage instead of beef meat and dumplings. In restaurants, you can usually find the first form which is meat with dumplings.


Sweet Dumplings

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Czechs being known for their love for dumplings didn’t stop at savoury meals, we have also a sweet variation of dumplings, where they are typically filled with either fruit jam, plum butter or even chocolate!


Fried Cheese

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Classic and very liked especially between younger people is fried cheese with chips or cheese-in-burger. But this cheese-in-burger has no meat, but instead, it has fried cheese!


Cabbage Soup

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 Last, but only on our list, is cabbage soup. It feels especially great when you climb one of the Czech mountains and reward yourself after a good hike with a soup like this, or at least, that’s how we’re doing it here.

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