Abdul is currently studying his third year of a doctoral program at the Faculty of Management and Economics. We have asked him a few questions to know what he thinks about studying at TBU and how difficult he finds it. What are his impressions you can read below!

What was the main reason for deciding to go abroad?

After my Bachelor’s degree in Ghana, I made my mind to have foreign education in the future, particularly, in Europe and central Europe was my favorite choice.

Where did you get the information about TBU from?

I was searching for scholarship opportunities in Europe, and I came across Czech Government Scholarship for developing countries. So, during the application process, I was looking for universities that offer a Marketing program in English, eventually, I found Tomas Bata University in Zlin as the best choice for my Master’s program in English.

When you compare your country and the Czech Republic. What is different? Did you miss anything from your home country?

Certainly, there are cultural differences together with climatic conditions. I had never seen snow until I came to the Czech Republic. I mostly enjoy hot weather in my country, but I have become used to winter and I love the snow very much. Again, I miss home very much, especially my family.

What was your first impression of the Czech Republic and what is it now?

Well…I was taught the English language is common in Europe, but unfortunately, it was not. So the Czech language was challenging to learn at the beginning since many people can‘t speak English. For now, it is better, I can understand some words and speak some Czech with Czech friends.

How do you find studying at TBU?

Studying at TBU is superb since you can interact with international students across the globe. You will be able to also learn about different cultures. Professors and other administrative staff of the university are very friendly to international students. TBU has a very comfortable environment for academic activities to go on smoothly.

What do you think of Zlin city?

Zlin is known for its unique architectural buildings and the greeny environment. It is a perfect and very economical place for students. 

Why should your friends study abroad? What would you recommend them?

I will recommend TBU in Zlin to classmates or friends from my country because having international exposure and foreign education gives several opportunities to achieve future career goals.

More information about our degree programmes is possible to find here: https://apply.utb.cz

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