Stephen has recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Polymer Engineering at the Faculty of Technology. We have asked him a few questions to know what he thinks about studying at TBU and how difficult he finds it. What are his impressions you can read below!

What was the main reason for deciding to go abroad?
The main reason for deciding to go abroad was to further my studies and complete it successfully. My dad has been my major source of inspiration and the kind of motivation he gives to me is beyond measure.

How did you find out about Tomas Bata University in Zlin?
I found out about Tomas Bata University from the University’s portal which actually provided me with information about study-related programs and also feedbacks from students about the study life at the University. Furthermore, I saw some videos on YouTube which actually grasped my attention about the University, study life and the city Zlin.

When you compare your country and the Czech Republic. What is different? Did you miss anything from your home country?
Comparing my home country Ghana and the Czech Republic, what is different is the people, the history, language, food and places. I really love Czech food, dumplings are a perfect example. The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with a lot of places you can visit or explore or even go on hiking. Yes, I do miss my home country and most especially my family. It has been 2 years since I last saw them even though we mostly talk on the phone.

What was your first impression of the Czech Republic and what it is now?
The first impression I saw about the Czech Republic would be how distant Czech people are. Most Czech people are distant and hardly open up to foreigners or strangers which after a while I completely understood why. A few of them are super friendly and easily opens up. But the best part is when they eventually trust you, they open up to you and give you the best of support you can ever imagine. How it is now is that surprisingly I have made a lot of Czech friends and they are just amazing. Most especially Mirka who happens to be my study coordinator, Honza, and Nathalka who mostly teach me some Czech phrases and I  also teach them some English phrases.

How do you find studying at TBU?
Studying at TBU I must say has been one of the best experiences I have ever had encountered. The support and assistance from the lecturers and staff of the University is something I will appreciate forever. Easy access to books and reading materials is something that definitely would make your studying here very comfortable.

What do you think of Zlin city?
The calmness of the city, Zlin where the University is located and how beautiful and green Zlin is, is definitely a thing that I will always talk about. If you are a fan of nature and appreciate the beauty of it, then you would most surely love it here.

What is your favorite place in Zlin?
Well, I do have so many favorite places in Zlin. As a fan and admirer of nature, I love to go to forests. Also, the pubs are another favorite place of mine. You meet new people and make friends. Lastly, I would say the bowling centers.

Why should your friends study abroad? What would you tell them?
I would not only suggest studying abroad to my friends but rather to everyone because of the exposure, experience and memories you make when you finally make that decision of studying abroad. The kind of technical training you receive in respect to your field of study is something that at the end of your study, you are definitely going to be proud of. Not also forgetting about the new friends and connections you can make.


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