As students we have coffee running in our veins and food filling our souls. But where you can find places to fulfil your needs? Keep on reading and you will find out! | Erasmus Zlin

Must have cafés to visit

Zlin offers a variety of amazing places to get good coffee, desserts, and snacks. Also, it is a perfect place for catching up on some homework or work on group projects.

Coffee Express

If you are running late for a class and need a little boost of caffeine or want to enjoy a coffee to go, then Coffee Express is an excellent choice for you. They offer only coffee, so if you fancy a little piece of cake with your beverage, you may seek a different café. As they are conceptualized as bikes, they can easily change their location. Usually, you can find them in the morning at the corner of the underpass at Náměstí práce or Náměstí Míru and then in the afternoon at the Park Komenský. During the winter months, they are located in the lobby of the Faculty of Humanities. Disclaimer: They do not accept payments by card so get your cash ready.

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Happy Coffee

Did you miss your bus or train and have some time to kill? Go to Happy Coffee! A café at the bus stop Náměstí práce is a place for you. A good selection of coffees, drinks, desserts, and savoury snacks is waiting for you. Happy coffee has a cosy interior, which is perfect for meeting a friend or working on your schoolwork. With very kind baristas and brilliant coffee, it is guaranteed that you will leave with a smile on your face. They also accept payments by card.


Jedním tahem

Jedním tahem is located in the beautiful industrial part of Zlin which is reflected in its interior. It offers a spacious sitting area (also for bigger groups) so it is a perfect place for study groups or for grabbing a beer after class. They offer coffee, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic drinks, finger foods, and desserts. Additionally, they often host events so check their Facebook page or Instagram to not miss anything. They also accept payments by card.


Do you fancy an excellent coffee to go, and you don’t want to look for a Coffee Express? Go to MrCoffee! Zlin-based roastery and café offers a selection of coffee beverages and coffee beans to make good coffee at home. They do not offer seats on their interior so you can enjoy your daily dose of caffeine in the park or on way to school. MrCoffee is located at Školní street right next to the Park Komenský. They also have their website, where you can order coffee beans and utensils to make your coffee at home. The always smiling barista will help you with the coffee choice of your day. They accept payments by card and offer a loyalty card – nineth coffee is for free so do not forget to ask for the yellow loyalty card to collect those stamps!

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Kafec Zlínský

Kafec is a café franchise with few more locations around the Czech Republic, and the best go-to place for grabbing a breakfast. Savoury or sweet breakfast with a little glass of mimosa – do you know a better way to start your day? Located near the Obchodní dům, on a hill above Hotel Garni, Kafec is a great place where to go before classes to gain some well-needed energy. Full breakfast is in general on a pricier side but is very much worth it. They accept payments by card.


Places where to go if you are lazy to cook

University’s cafeterias can be very busy during lunchtime, so we have some alternatives, where to go for lunch and you won’t have to sell your kidney afterwards


Hands down the most popular place for lunch among students is an Indian restaurant Makalu. They have lunch offers for a really good price. This place is located in front at the bus stop Náměstí práce in Tržnice building. If you love Indian food, this is the best place in Zlin. Spacious interior guarantees you a place to sit without any waiting. You can pay there by card.


A Vietnamese restaurant Pholévkárna is a perfect option if you are looking for a hearty soup during the winter months. They offer a variety of Vietnamese food. The spaces are limited so be aware that it might be a little bit tricky to find a spot there during lunchtime, but you can always ask for a takeaway. Pholévkárna is located near the bus stop Náměstí práce right in front of Canada Pub. They do not accept payments by card but there are ATMs right behind the corner.

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Tož Tacos

To stay in the international waters, at the bus stop Náměstí práce you can find Mexican restaurant Tož Tacos. Even though they do not have a long list of food, neither a place to sit, it is still worth trying. For a reasonable price, you get quite a big portion. They accept payments by card.



If you are in the mood for a burger, you don’t have to go far away from the university. At Školní street is a small restaurant Bůrger which offers a lot of burger options (vegetarian and vegan options included). The seating is very limited however, you can always sit at the Park Komenský to enjoy your food. They accept payments by card.

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A healthier option for your lunch is UGO in the shopping mall Golden Apple. From filling soups, sandwiches, salad, wraps to freshly squeezed juices, you will definitely choose something. There are enough seating places to eat your food. They have student offers with your ISIC card and a loyalty program, so you can save some money. They accept payments by card.

On the map you can find all those places that are mentioned in this blog post.



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