There are plenty of nice places to visit near Zlín. Summer time is still here, which we should make good use of and visit as many places as possible. That’s why we have 15 tips for you on different places near Zlín where you can take a nice trip.

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1. Hikes

The pleasant summer weather is ideal for outdoor sports. You can either go for a walk or go for a short hike. In this brochure you will find interesting tips for trails around Zlín. It is in Czech, but you can translate it using Google Translator, which will translate the text from photos or screenshots.

2. Bike rides

There are also bike paths around Zlín. You can find a map of them here. To rent a bike, we recommend the Nextbike app, which allows you to rent a bike throughout Zlín. When renting, you get the first 15 minutes for free and then 25 CZK for every additional 30 minutes. But you can also use a monthly subscription for only 189 CZK or even cheaper, for 149 CZK if you have an ISIC card.

Our tip, however, is to download the app, where you can find any trails, whether for cycling or just walking. Be sure to check it out this summer!

3. Zlín ZOO

When it comes to walks, don’t miss the Zlín Zoo, which has a new large jaguar enclosure, a baby elephant and you can also pet stingrays. The zoo also includes a beautiful castle, which you can buy a ticket to when you enter the zoo.

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4. Kroměříž

As we mentioned in the previous article, the town of Kroměříž is very close to Zlín. In this beautiful city you can see especially the archbishop’s castle and its large gardens. Be sure to visit the Flower Garden, which is inspired by the gardens of Versailles. Afterwards, you can also visit the square and the mirror maze located there.

5. Buchlovice castle

This castle belongs to one of the most important Baroque noble settlements in the Czech Republic. The quality of the architecture, the extensive collections, the famous owners and the importance in the history of the last years of the Habsburg monarchy make the castle an important place to visit. To get to Buchlovice you can take a direct bus from Otrokovice that goes every three house. 

6. Luhačovice

Luhačovice is mainly known for its spa, where you can walk along the promenade or try a traditional wafer. Luhačovice Spa is the fourth largest spa in the Czech Republic and the most visited spa in Moravia. There are also a number of healing mineral springs in Luhačovice, which you can also try. The spa town is really beautiful and so it is no wonder that it is also a filmmaker’s paradise.

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7. The Salaš observation tower

The Salaš tower is located at an altitude of 366 metres above sea level near the village of Salaš and offers a beautiful view of the Chřiby Mountains. The lookout tower is open to the public all year round and is free of charge. To get to Salaš, take a train from Otrokovice to Staré město near Uherské Hradiště and from there take a bus to the village of Salaš.

8. Holešov castle

In Holešov castle you can enjoy the preserved ceiling paintings, rich stucco decoration, the Great Hall, the Terrena, the castle chapel and also the cellars. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful French park, which is definitely worth a visit.

9. Napajedla castle

This castle is basically a two-winged U-shaped building with a number of nicely furnished rooms. These include a circular hall of mirrors, a Dutch masters’ drawing room, a baroque salon, a large castle dining room and a castle chapel.

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10. Kurovický lom (quarry)

The quarry of Kurovice is a pond with milky blue water, coloured by limestone, partly lined with forested rock walls. It is a very nice to place to chill on the snu or have a swim. Just pay attention because access to it is charged and the quarry is not accessible by car so if you want to take a swim you must go by bike or by foot. To get to Kurovice, take a bus from Zlín to Holešov and from there take a bus to the village of Kurovice.

11. Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

When you say open-air museum in the Czech Republic, many people think of the one in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. The largest and oldest open-air museum in Central Europe was founded in 1925 and its three expositions, the Wooden Town, Wallachian Village and Mill Valley, contain almost 100 monumental objects. For example The Wooden Town presents the way of life in a small town from the mid-19th century to the first quarter of the 20th century.

12. Lukov

Lukov is basically the ruins of a once famous castle. It is one of the largest castles in Moravia, nowadays a large ruin of a Gothic castle with a preserved pillar bridge and an entrance gate. If you have the energy, you can hike to the ruins, it will take you about two hours to get there.

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13. Malenovice castle

In Malenovice in Zlín stands one of the most important monuments of the region, a castle from the second half of the 14th century. You can enjoy the historical interiors, for example, the painted hall with a late Gothic vault or the house chapel with paintings from the mid-18th century.

14. Vizovice castle

You can visit Vizovice castle to see the beautiful interiors furnished with amazing furniture. There can see many works of art, a collection of porcelain and many other valuable artifacts.

15. Glass tunnel

In Modrá near Velehrad, you can walk through a glass tunnel that will lead you under the surface of the pond. Around you through the glass wall you can see life in the stream, in a large pond with fish or under the surface of the wetland. Interesting fact is that it is the largest freshwater tunnel in nature in Europe. To get to Modrá, take a train from Otrokovice to Staré město near Uherské Hradiště and from there take a bus to the village of Modrá.

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If you want to read more, be sure to check out our article on what to do in the Czech Republic in summer🏕️☀️

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