Mastering transport in any foreign destination can be tricky. That’s why we bring you an article that will help you understand the public transport in Zlín. Learn how to get a permanent ticket, what Czech trains we have and some tips about Czech transport.

How to get a permanent ticket in Zlín?

The best way to get around Zlín is by public transport. In Zlín, there are yellow and blue trolleybuses that run a line up to the neighbouring town of Otrokovice.

The best and cheapest way to get around Zlín is with a public transport permanent ticket. All you have to do is to go to one of these locations:

Zlín train station

Zlín Jižní svahy (Billa)

Zlín Školní Street

Zlín Podvesná Street

Zlín Náměstí práce Street 

Here you pick up a special piece of paper and you take it to the study office if UTB and have it signed. This paper is a certificate that proves that you are a student and you will get a student discount. But to get it, write in the column of your place of residence the one you currently have in the Czech Republic. Then go back to the location where you tok the paper and also bring a photo of yourself, sized appropriately for your pass. Here they will issue your permanent ticket and you can travel around Zlín without any restrictions.

You can choose a permanent ticket for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. You also have to choose whether you want to buy a ticket for zone A,B,C or a mix of these zones. Here you can see the price list of the permanent tickets and the zones of public transport.

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If you want to buy a separate ticket, the best option is to buy it from the ticket machine at the bus stop (with czech coins) or from the driver.

What trains are in the Czech Republic?

Train transport in the Czech Republic is relatively affordable, making it ideal for travelling or for taking trips.

Czech Railways – The most common train company that you will encounter. Some train lines of this company also go to other countries, such as Poland or Austria. You can sometimes take a trip to nearby Vienna, for example.

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RegioJet – On this train company, you have to book your ticket in advance and choose one of the classes – Low cost, Standard or Business and you are assigned your seat. This company has good service and is usually one of the cheapest.

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LeoExpress – One of the most expensive train companies. Like with RegioJet, you have to buy your ticket in advance, with the option to choose Economy, Economy Plus, Business or Premium class and you are assigned your seat.

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Tips for travelling in the Czech Republic:


Be sure to get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). With this card you can travel on Czech trains and selected buses with a 50% student discount.


Definitely download the IDOS app. This app is free and you can use it to find and buy tickets for both trains and buses. Everything there is very clear and we definitely recommend this app. The best feature is also the search for public transport in all cities of the Czech Republic, so you can conveniently search how to get from point A to point B in Zlín, i.e. from one trolleybus stop to another.

3. Seat booking

If you decide to travel longer distances on ČD (Czech Railways) trains, it is better to book a specific seat. Sometimes the trains can be crowded and you could be standing. If you buy your ticket on the already mentioned IDOS app, this service is free but if you buy your ticket at the train station, it may be at an extra cost.

4. Cash

In general, it is better to always have Czech cash with you, especially if you decide to travel by public transport, especially in Zlín. As we have already mentioned, you can buy a separate ticket either in a ticket machine or from the driver and both options can be paid only in cash (in the machine with coins). The same is usually the case in other cities. Another option is to buy a ticket via SMS, but you should check if your mobile service allows this at no extra charge. In general, it is better to always carry Czech cash, especially if you decide to travel by public transport.

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