The winter evenings are long and the days are cold. So what to do and have fun these days? We have some tips for indoor and outdoor activities that will definitely keep you entertained. Give them a try!❄️

Winter in Zlín

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If you are a beginner skier or snowboarder and you are interested in winter skiing right in the centre of Zlín, you can visit a 250-metre-long slope and one lift – the so-called poma with a capacity of 510 people per hour. Visitors can also use the corresponding services, which are nowadays a necessity – e.g. ski school, ski service including ski, snowboard and other equipment rental and, of course, for warming up, a cafeteria, which is located in close proximity to the ski slope. It is connected to a pergola with seating. Night skiing enthusiasts will also enjoy it, as the ski slope is open continuously from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Of course, there is also artificial snow on the slope. Renting the whole equipment for 2 hours will cost you around 600 CZK. Find more info here.

Ice skating

Winter is great for learning some new skills or having fun even though you are freezing! What about trying ice skating? Public skating takes place at the CCM arena every year from September to March. You can also enjoy your time at the arena by visiting the refreshment stand. The ice rink is only open to the public on certain dates, which you can find in this schedule. The public times are marked in orange.

Winter in Zlín 2

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Winter walk

You can take a nice walk to Mladcovská skalka (rock), which is one of the most beautiful rock formations in the Mladcov Hills near Zlín. In the past, the rock was used as a lookout tower or a lookout point. The rock is located in the middle of the forest, it is about six metres high and there are stairs carved directly into the stone leading to the top. Mladcovská rock is also called the Devil’s Stone. There is no hiking trail to Mladcovská rock, but it is relatively easy to access. Just walk from the public transport turntable in Mladcova near Bartoš’s house along the road towards the cemetery and then further into the forest. And since the rock lies at an altitude of 423 metres above sea level, you can expect a bit of a climb. And if you don’t want to go back the same way from Mladcovská rock, there is a nice walk around the Zboženské ponds.

Spa Zlín

What is better in winter than to warm up in a whirlpool or Finnish sauna. In Spa Zlín you can go to both the sauna and the whirlpool, you can also buy entry to the indoor pool, where the first pool offers 50 meters and the second 25 meters.

The shoe museum

Another indoor activity to try in Zlín is definitely the shoe museum. The exhibition presents the history of the Bata company from its foundation in 1894 until the nationalisation of the Czechoslovak part of the concern after the Second World War. This exhibition organically incorporates the former permanent exhibitions of the museum located in the Shoe Museum and the Zlín Castle. The incorporation of the collections of footwear and shoemaking machines into the exhibition naturally resulted from the fact that the basis of the collections was made up of original Bata collections and products. It is also worth mentioning a part of the factory’s shoe production line, where some machines are even functional in the same way. There are about 600 exhibits of exotic, folk, historical and Bata footwear on display. The collection is also one of the largest in Europe.

Winter in Zlín 3

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Movie night

Cold winter nights are perfect for a movie night. You can visit The Golden Apple Cinema which is located in the Zlaté Jablko shopping centre on náměstí Míru. The modern multikino in Zlín, the first ever multikino in the Zlín Region, offers 6 screens and ticket booking is possible online.

Climbing wall in Vertikon

Moving your body is another way how to spend your winter days. In Vertikon you can try both the classic climbing wall and the bouldering wall. The climbing wall is intended for the general public from complete beginners to experienced climbers of all ages. On the first visit, you will make an initial registration, with slightly different conditions for each age group. Prices range from 130 to 170 CZK with a student discount. All equipment needed for climbing can be rented at the rental shop.

Winter in Zlín 4

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Hockey match

Hockey is one of the most popular Czech sports and you definitely have to experience at least one hockey match! The Zlín hockey team is called Berani Zlín and was founded by workers of the Bata factories in 1928. Come and watch one of their games. You can find the upcoming games and online ticket sales here.

Representative Ball of Tomas Bata University

Every year in February you can enjoy the University Ball organised by the Students’ Union, which is held in the Congress Centre (next to the University Library building). This ball is always a beautiful event that has a different theme and dresscode every year. So be sure to follow the Student Union’s social media for more information!

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