My name is Nerea, Im a Spanish student enjoying the Erasmus life in the Tomas Bata University and creating unique experiences in this city. I study business management in the Faculty of Management and Economics (FAME) and I have been here for one semester, enjoying this sumer semester as the second one (in total one year of experience).

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What motivated you to choose the Czech republic for your Erasmus stay?

What motivated me the most to choose Zlin for this experience was the life quality that Czech Republic could provide me (good prices for residences and lifestyle) and visit a new culture in a small city instead of big capitals which most of the times are globalized.

Could you highlight some cultural differences you’ve noticed while studying on Erasmus in the Czech Republic compared to your home country? 

The biggest difference between this country and Spain is the locals and their character. Spanish people are so well welcome with other locals and foreigners over more we are some warm people who always want to socialize and be with as much people as possible. Here in Zlin it was so complicated to meet locals and establish a conversation with them because in first sight they seem to be rude or sometimes they dont try to speak in english. The only tip that I can give to new students is to be calm and openminded because It can be hard in the beginning but amazing in the end.

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Are there any activities you would recommend to other Erasmus students for exploring Czech Republic?

First of all I would recommend to visit as much countries as possible, because Czech Republic is so well located in the continent. But, if we are talking about inside the country I will truly recommend to visit Prague (the capital) because you would never see a city like this one; you will be amazed.

How would you describe the academic environment at UTB? Are there any courses that you really like?

I am in love with my bachelor degree so any course that I take is amazing!

And what about your daily life? Do you like spending your time in czech environment on your Erasmus stay?

The eviroment in this small city is amazing because everything is near and you are surrounded by nature, so if you have to take a break you will have a lot of facilities. Also party life is quite good!

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What advice would you give to international students considering studying in the Czech Republic?

If you are considering Zlin as your destination for Erasmus programe dont hesitate to come here and discover the culture, you will be surprised. One tip is to come here knowing basic daily words. This can help to have a better experience.

Looking ahead, what are your plans after completing your studies in the Czech Republic?

Once I end with this unique Erasmus experience I will return to my home country because I have discovered that as I love my country, I would not be such content in other ones; but maybe some other students will discover that here is their ideal environment to stay!

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