These two students of ours, who are currently studying at Tomas Bata University, have shared why they decided to choose our university for their studies. Read about their story. Maybe UTB will be your dream university too!

Why I Chose The University of Tomas Bata | Study in Zlin

Amy, India

Choosing Tomas Bata University and the Faculty of Multimedia Communications was like finding the perfect blend of practicality and passion. As I sifted through my options for higher education, I knew I needed a place that wouldn’t break the bank. I was on a budget, and the thought of drowning in student debt wasn’t appealing.  

Tomas Bata University offered a solution with its affordable tuition fees and reasonable cost of living. It was a relief to know that pursuing my dreams wouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. But it wasn’t just about the numbers; it was about finding a place where I could thrive academically and personally. When I discovered that the university offered courses in consumer behavior and corporate social responsibility (CSR), it felt like fate.  

These were topics that truly interested me and aligned perfectly with my career aspirations. Knowing that I could explore these subjects as part of my education was incredibly exciting.The emphasis on CSR was particularly meaningful. In a world where businesses are often criticized for prioritizing profit over ethics, it was refreshing to see a university take a stand for responsible business practices. It felt like the university was investing in me, not just as a student, but as a future professional who could contribute to society in a meaningful way.

In addition, to this the exposure to different cultures and interacting with people from different corners of the world was a plus too. So, when I had to decide, Tomas Bata University was a no-brainer. It wasn’t just a university; it was a place where I could pursue my passions, grow as a person, and make a difference —all without breaking the bank.

Kim, Vietnam

I have chosen Tomas Bata University in Zlín, specifically within the Faculty of Management and Economics, for my doctoral studies due to its distinguished reputation for interdisciplinary research and academic collaboration. With a focused approach spanning business, economics, and technology, among other domains, the university’s dedication to multidisciplinary exploration and innovation aligns closely with my academic interests in economics and management.

Moreover, UTB’s active engagement in collaborative projects, exemplified by its involvement in initiatives such as IGA, underscores a vibrant scholarly environment conducive to the cultivation of new ideas and cross-disciplinary cooperation. This collaborative research ethos offers invaluable opportunities for doctoral candidates like me to gain diverse perspectives and insights from various fields.

Throughout my doctoral journey, I have been fortunate to receive unwavering support from a professor who has been exceptionally supportive. All the professors and staff within the department have provided continuous assistance, significantly facilitating my studies. Their collective support not only enhances my classroom experience but also bolsters my overall performance as a doctoral candidate.

Lastly, the enchanting scenery and the warm hospitality of the Czech Republic served as compelling factors in my decision to study there. The opportunity to immerse myself in such a captivating environment, characterized by its natural beauty and friendly populace, promises to enrich both my academic endeavors and cultural experiences, rendering my time as a student truly memorable.

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