The regional culture and education centre “14|15 Baťa Institute” is located in the heart of the town of Zlín. The modern complex was created by converting two manufacturing buildings of the former Baťa factory premises (14 and 15). The buildings of the Bata factory were named according to the grid-numbering system used in the United States; the number of the building indicates its exact location within the complex, as the first number (i.e., one) refers to a row of buildings numbered from east to west, and the second number (the number four or five) is a row of buildings numbered from south to north.
The 14|15 Baťa Institute offers enjoyment for everyone. Do you like history, art, architecture, books, music, or fun? Here you will find these all in one place. A great number of interesting temporary exhibitions and events, such as festivals, travel lectures, debates, and concerts are held here throughout the year. And you definitely shouldn’t miss the unique permanent exhibitions which provide a comprehensive view of the Bata phenomenon.
More information is available on the website of 14|15 Baťa Institute 

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