In a brief interview, Ebrima revealed why he decided to study at TBU and what he misses the most.

To begin, could you introduce yourself?

Sure! Hi everyone! I am Ebrima Dibba, and I am a student of the degree programme in Information and Control Technologies taught in English at the Faculty of Applied Informatics. I have been studying at Tomas Bata University since 2016. It was a long journey from The Gambia, my home country, to the Czech Republic.

Definitely! Sounds very interesting! Why did you decide to apply for study at TBU? 

My decision to study at TBU came from my Erasmus experience at TBU. I was satisfied with what TBU offers, such as low tuition fees, scholarship grants and greater flexibility among the teachers and the management. The Faculty of Applied Informatics where I study is not only well-structured and beautiful but also well-equipped, and offers a pleasant environment for study. Secondly, I met a girl during my Erasmus studies and ended up falling in love. That was another reason to stay in Zlín to pursue my studies.

You are a student of Information Technology. Why did you choose this particular degree course?

I decided to get my degree in Applied Informatics because this course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of computer concepts and essential skills necessary for work and communication in today’s society. It will help me learn understand safety, security and ethical issues in computing and social networking.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of studying at TBU for your future professional career?

It will help me be engaged in the Czech labour market, have a variety of career choices, flexible work style and much more. Pursuing a career in IT helps you earn good money, and the jobs are always in demand (majoring in information technology exposes you to a lot of opportunities and jobs).

Besides your studies, have you participated also in other activities at the University?

Honestly, I don’t engage in student activities as such. I attended a few events that were organized by the Buddy System Zlín, especially during my first year in Zlín. I played as a DJ at some of those events, although I am not an official member of any student organization. Nowadays, I am focusing more on my hobbies, such as sports, DJing and modelling.

You are from The Gambia, which is a way different world than the Czech Republic. Did reality meet your expectations? 

I had expected that I would have a part-time job during my studies, but the reality is a bit different. It is hard to find a job in Zlín as a foreigner, especially if you don’t speak the Czech language. On the other hand, I think this situation is getting better, and there are more and more international companies, which can offer you a job even if you are not a Czech-speaking student. When it comes to my studies at UTB, everything is going great. However, there are a few challenges, but that is normal for computer science students.

You have been residing in the Czech Republic for a few years now. Do you travel around often? Which places would you recommend to others?

Yes, I am travelling around quite often. I would recommend others to visit Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc and Prague. These cities are full of history, charm and fun. Travelling around the country that you are studying in gives you a little insight into what this country went through history and how the whole culture formed.

And what do you think about Czech people in general?

Czechs are generally hardworking, peaceful and trustworthy. They have a reserved personality; they are irreligious, if you don’t disturb them, then they will not care. However, this is usually broken for foreigners, and they often do not conform to other ideals. Czechs are generally afraid of the things they don’t know.

Have you made friends in Zlín? Have you met anyone from Africa here?

Yes, I’ve made so many amazing friends here, and I am sure these friendships will last for many years. Besides Czechs, you can meet many international students here from all over the world, and that includes African people as well. For example, my roommate is from Ghana.

For sure, you miss your family and friends. Is there anything else typical of your home country that you miss here?

Yes, I miss my family and friends. I miss the food, the sun, the beaches, the fruits that naturally ripe from the tree. I love kids, and I miss those underprivileged kids in Africa. It is always a joy for me to spend time with them.

When it comes to food, is it possible to buy African food and ingredients in Zlín?

There are not so many African ingredients in Zlín.  If I need African ingredients, I usually visit Brno for this special shopping.

One last question. To whom would you recommend applying for study at TBU?

I would recommend studying in Zlín to everyone who doesn’t want to live in a big city with a busy life. Zlín is a fascinating and calm town which has a lot to offer, especially the unique architecture and history inherently connected with Tomáš Baťa. Regarding the studies at TBU, I would definitely recommend studying here, especially to those who are interested in multimedia and artistic specializations, such as fashion industry, as Tomas Bata University is very well-equipped for this kind of studies.

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