prof. Ing. Berenika Hausnerová, Ph.D. is the Head of the Department of Production Engineering at the Faculty of Technology and a professor at the Centre of Polymer Systems, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic. Her area of expertise is the rheology of highly filled polymers used in powder injection molding. She published around 90 papers, according to WoS, and (co)supervised more than 30 projects. Her work has been acknowledged with “Werner von Siemens Excellence Award” (1999) and stipends “For Women in Science” by L’Oréal (2006). She is a member of Society of Plastics Engineers, and she served as an organiser and chairman of several international events.


What she says about her work

“The greatest success is the introduction of PIM technology (Powder Injection Molding) into the Czech industrial practice. It is an interdisciplinary technology that connects plastic production with metallurgy. It fascinated me during my doctoral internship in Sweden. In Europe, there are a few companies that successfully operate this technology. Additionally, the PIM materials we develop are also applicable in 3D printing, therefore there is currently a huge opportunity for linking PIM with additive technologies.”


About the department and the centre

The Department of Production Engineering (DPE) proudly and successfully educates plastics and engineering technicians, without which the aerospace or automotive industry would not survive even one day. Sounds like a gold mine? Maybe because it is. The demand in the labour market for new professionals in this degree programme is four times higher than the number of graduates that are produced. Perhaps you can calculate that this disproportion creates some great benefits for our graduates when it is time to launch a career.

The Centre of Polymer Systems (CPS) is the top-ranking research unit of Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU), which guarantees world-class parameters in polymer systems research and utilisation of the state-of-the-art technologies. Since 2015 it has been located in an entirely new building designed to measure the needs and objectives of the research centre. CPS employs 120 research specialists. 20% of them come from abroad, such as Italy, USA, Russia, China, Ukraine, Turkey, India etc. Many of the staff members have also received various prestigious international awards.


Areas of research

  • Powder injection molding
  • Physics of polymers
  • Theory of highly filled compounds


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