doc. Ing. Natalia Kazantseva, CSc.  is the member of the Polymer Centre (PC) at the Faculty of Technology and the leader of the research group in the Centre of Polymer Systems (CPS) at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Her interest lays in the field of polymer composite materials with complex electromagnetic and physical properties for application in radio-electronics and medicine.  She is the author or co-author of approx. 66 papers registered in Web of Science, and Scopus and she is co-author of five patents, six utility models, six proofs of concept and one book chapter.


What she says about her work:

“My favourite scientific discipline is Magnetic Hyperthermia. This kind of hyperthermia, the treatment of tumour tissues to a temperature within the range  42.5-45 ° C, is based on the use of nanomagnetic materials (mediator) placed in the tumour, which absorbs and dissipates the energy of electromagnetic radiation into heat. From a professional point of view, it is a multidisciplinary field embracing a great number of diverse scientific disciplines. What matters to me most, however, is that our results can help people successfully defeat cancer.”


About the department and the centre:

When most people think of polymers, the first thing that comes to their mind is plastic or rubber. But do you know that there are also wax, meat and wood polymers and that a polymer does not have to be solid at all? At the Polymer Centre (PC) we understand all too well the implications of all this. And we know that providing such a wide range of knowledge and skills also means a wider range of opportunities for our graduates. In terms of education, we focus mainly on doctoral students, since we are primarily the research facility of the faculty.

The Centre of Polymer Systems (CPS) is the top-ranking research unit of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, which guarantees world-class parameters in polymer systems research and utilisation of the state-of-the-art technologies. Current research in the CPS is channelled into eight directions covering perspective areas of the world of polymer systems. These areas include Rubber processing and materials, Systems with sensor properties, Multifunctional nanomaterials, Bioactive polymer systems, Composites with electric and magnetic properties, Surface treatment of materials, Biocomposite systems and Processing of plastics. CPS employs 120 research specialists. 20% of them come from abroad, such as Italy, USA, Russia, China, Ukraine, Turkey, India etc. Many of the staff members have also received various prestigious international awards.


Areas of research:

  • Macromolecular compounds
  • Physics of Magnetism and Nanomagnetism
  • Engineering of electromagnetic wave absorbers
  • Radiofrequency/Microwave interaction with biological tissue
  • Hyperthermia in cancer treatment
  • Synthesis and characterisation of magnetic nanoparticles and composites on thereof for magnetic hyperthermia and arterial embolisation hyperthermia


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