Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) has successfully completed a project under the EEA Grants, which was intended to support outgoing mobilities of FMK and FHS students to Volda University College, Norway (VUC).

Cooperation between TBU and VUC was established in 2006. Since then, we have exchanged more than 100 students and staff. We highly value the partnership with VUC and we consider it as one of the strongest and most promising in our portfolio of partnership agreements. Therefore, we were very pleased to be granted a special project for mobility support within the scope of EEA Grants. Scholarships within the mentioned project are very generous and thus offer students considerable comfort when studying abroad. The project supported 6 talented TBU students, specifically students of animation, design and languages, who completed a one-semester study stay at the university in Norway. Participation in EEA Grants is a prestigious affair which, as we believe, has improved the quality of the partnership, awareness of TBU abroad and the position of the university in world rankings. VUC has proven itself as a very attractive destination for our students and staff. Reviews of our students and staff are available on the website

We believe that successfully completed mobilities at VUC  have resulted in many benefits, including improvement of communication skills, an extension of personal and professional contacts, and even increase the competitiveness of TBU graduates on modern labour market.

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