If you are in Zlín, thinking about how to spend your leisure well, despite all the various government regulations and event cancelling. Hopefully, there are still a few interesting ways and opportunities for you to see.

Whether you like to talk with friends or want to get to know your new classmates, you could try out the Pštros Bar, nearby U18 and U13 faculties. The bar during summer, warm days allows sitting outside at the terrace, or you could buy your drink in a plastic cup and take it out to sit in the park, which is one of the most favourite activities and you should not miss the opportunity to try this out.

If you are about to start studies that are in English language, or you would like to improve your language skills, you should definitely try the summer language school intended for all UTB students for free, under the leadership of MA Tereza Outěřická and MA Simona Šmajdlerová. The course starts on 7. 9. and finishes on 11. 9. 2020, 8-12 am, U13 building, room 540-548.

Throughout the year you could visit the Golden Apple Cinema, where during the following month is played for example thriller ‘Tenet’, horror ‘The Wretched’ or comedy movie ‘Palm Springs’. Where also within the “Cheap Tuesday” promotion students can purchase the tickets for 100 CZK. (You can find the Cinema programme on this link: https://www.gacinema.cz/ )

In the summer you absolutely should not miss the Zlín Film Festival, which happens every year and is the oldest of its kind. There are 350 movies projected during the festival era in various locations. Festival is held on 4th and finishes on 10th of September. It is now obligatory to sing up for the festival because of the safety reasons.

Are you a tabletop games fan and happened to meet friends with a similar hobby? You can try to visit Radegastovna, where is ‘Tabletop Games Day’ event held every Tuesday and is possible to bring your own game and play with your friends or just join somebody else and meet new people.

When it comes to getting to know Zlín rather on your own, there are definitely things to see here. For instance:

Baťa Institute – our culture and education centre. Which is located in the city centre, nearby the bus station hence you cannot overlook it.

Administrative Building 21st – the Baťa’ skyscraper. Thanks to its unique height, it is possible to see this building from quite a long distance. Ultimately being the ‘cannot-miss” choice while discovering Zlín.

ZOO Lešná – if you happen to be an animal lover, then good news for you! A little way further from the city centre is Lešná, nevertheless easily reachable by the city bus, is situated our ZOO. In addition, there is also a castle you could see, when you enter the ZOO.

For more ideas, you should flatly read: https://international.utb.cz/meet-zlin/

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