Sightseeing, binge-watching TV shows while doing couching does not interest you anymore? Are you tired of it? Then you bet we have some tips for you if you are thinking about going out and do some sports.

Health Trail

Of course this trail was mentioned in our previous articles, nevertheless it is worth mentioning it once more, as it is the most bright relic in our treasure chest. It is located right under the Tlustá Hora mountain and you can easily get yourself to this place. The trail does not offer only hiking in the nature, but also many other interesting activities, for instance there are various posts to stretch your muscles or do some warm up (there are wall, horizontal or parallel bars and such things)! If hiking is not for you, the pathway is also available for bicycle touring.

Now it gets even more interesting and worthwhile – it is possible to prolong your journey and join other paths/trails from here, thus the trail offers a truly unique sporting opportunity. For instance you can walk up to the Tlustá Hora Communications Tower, around forest cemetery or over the hill Barabáš, which will reward you with it’s beautiful cityscapes.

If there’s still time to spare, you should definitely consider exploring nearby wooden hills where you can find remainings of the old Zlín’ castle. You can further extend your journey even more to the pilgrimage site of Holy Water with a statue of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes is nearby. You can hike it up to the Malenovice castle if you want via the blue tourist route.

When you try to find this path on a map, it is referred to as an “outdoor gym.”

Lazy Area Trail

Second, the shorter but still interesting trail can be found nearby the city district of Lesní Čtvrť and Lazy. The route is 2.4 km long and offers opportunities for hiking, jogging or bicycle touring. You can get to the trail from the public transport stop called Gymnázium Lesní Čtvrť, from where you will be guided by a yellow route throughout the entire journey. The speciality of this trail is the so-called “Gazebo by the Burnt Oak”, and there you can relax for a bit or look around at the beautiful surrounding nature.

Pasekářská Trail

Not far from Zlín is located the trail of Pasekářská. This trail can be easily reached even by public transport (bus no. 31 – Jaroslavice, točna stop).

The trail is 6.5 km long and provides a unique view of untouched nature, hills, meadows and an interesting view of the Želechovické paseky nature park. There are information boards prepared for you throughout the journey, which will give you a closer look to the nature and its inhabitants.

As it usually is with trails, also this one can be extended when you set off on the yellow route through Kudlov back to the city.

Lukov Trail

Altough not directly in Zlín, but in its vicinity is situated the nature trail Lukov that is exclusively longer and gets you more opportunities of things to see. It is not only an educational trail, but also, for example, you can visit the ruins of the Lukov castle. The trail will also take you through the landscape of the Hostýn Hills and you pass by several natural monuments on your way.

You can choose between two route lengths, it is either 8 km or 10.5 km long trail. Information boards are of course at your disposal throughout the journey and will introduce you to the nature and history of this beautiful place.

You can get to Lukov trail by bus that departs from the local bus station (platform 5, 6, 4, ..).

From there then walk on foot in the direction of the Hájenka pod Růžovou crossroads.

Andrýsek’ Trail at the Fryšták

Fryšták is a city reachable by bus, which departs often from the local bus station (platforms 5, 6, ..). You can get onto this trail from Náměstí Míru square in here and that is also the place where the bus can take you. Nonetheless, the trail is 9 km long and takes you around local monuments such as the original foundations of the Gothic church of St. Mikuláš, Fryštácký hrádek or Sichrov hill. A remarkable feature of the trails is its name that is allegedly taken from the legendary oldest citizen of Fryšták – sir Andrýsek.

Hvozdná Trail

Slightly further apart from Zlín is Hvozdná village. You can get here by bus that departs from the local bus station (bus no. 36, ..).

In this village you can find the trail of Hvozdná that is 12 km long, with interesting information boards on the way, which explains why and how the local names were created.

Kašava Trail

Kašava trail is going to take you through the beauty of the Hostýn Hills and introduces you to the timeline of the village Kašava itself. In order to get there, you can just simply go by bus that goes from the local bus station (platform 4, 5, ..).

What makes this trail special is that it is the second longest trail of our list and the lenght is 17.5 km. Therefore it is good to mention that you should get sure to go to the village ahead of time.

Držkovské Chodníčky Trail

Located in Držková village, which is few kilometers away from Zlín, is the trail of Držkovské Chodníčky. This trail is the winner with its lenght 21.6 km, making it the n.1 of our list (so only for skilled and enthusiastic hikers.. or maybe not?). You can get on this trail from any part of the village and there are information boards to guide you through the entire journey.

Želechovice nad Dřevenicí Trail

This trail is located in a village of the same name Želechovice nad Dřevnicí. It is the best to take train while getting here, since the start of this trail is near the local railway station. The train to Želechovice departs from Zlín-střed train station.

Trail is long 9 km and guides you through beautiful nature and after offers you interesting landscape of the surroundings.

Workout and Fitness Fields

Apart from trails, you can also find here work out and fitness fields, since there are truly plenty of those here. Even if you only want to warm up and do some exercise or are parkour enthusiast, you can be certain that Zlín has the opportunities for you!

For example in the Jižní Svahy city district, at the Kocanda bus stop, you can find a field for young and adults, where you can stretch or work out with the outdoor equipment suitable for your needs. In order to get here you can go by city bus no. 6, 7, 8 that departs from Náměstí Práce.

Or previously mentioned parkour field, which is situated in the Obeciny city district, nearby the Přílucká bus stop. You can get here by one of the city buses no. 1, 11, 12, 90, 91 that departs from Náměstí Práce.

Bicycle Touring

We definitely would not want to forget about bicycle touring enthusiasts! Even though every one of those trails are possible to pass with a bicycle, you do not definitely have to use the trails only to do some of the touring, as the wooded hills north and south of the city offer some great cycling roads.

There are about 23 km long cycling paths and recreational circuits if put together in the vicinity of Zlín.

For instance the first to mention is the city’s cycling road that is 5 km long and runs along Tomas Bata Avenue main road. The road starts at Prštné (where the Albert Hypermarket stands and it is also a public transport stop).

The second road with an interesting name Páteřní that can be translated as backbone or spine, is the most-liked and popular in here. The road goes along the river Dřevnice up to the Otrokovice town, or it can go to the opposite side which is up to the Vizovice city. If you decide to take your journey to Otrokovice, then your journey does not certainly have to end only there. It is possible to join another cycling road along the Bata canal and go for example as far as the cities Kroměříž or Uherské Hradiště are.

There are still way many cool sport activities to try out in Zlín, we will definitely bring you more feed soon! For now, we hope that you are going to enjoy your trips and that we helped you to give you new ideas about what to do next.

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