Our student Dalila from Mexico decided to move across the whole world to study at TBU at Zlin. What are her impressions of living in Zlin? You will find out in this article. | TBU Zlin

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Dalila, I’m a Mexican studying ‘very’ abroad, I like nature and environmental issues, I would like to collaborate in any way to have or to use less plastic and less toxic products in our daily life.

Why did you decide to study here at TBU?

I found out about TBU Zlin when I was studying in Mexico because my lecturer had a colleague working in the Faculty of Informatics. I was curious about the programs of this university, and I found a special one in Biomaterials and Biocomposites. That one was fitting with my previous work about natural materials.

Are you satisfied with your decision to study in the Czech Republic?

Sure, I like the spaces and equipment for research, my colleagues are very hardworking and I’m learning a lot. Only a few universities have these opportunities to fulfill your academic goals.

What was the biggest culture shock for you?

I think everything is more like in grey colors, people are tranquil, there is no type of noise in the streets, and I’m surprised because many people had told me that I’m polite, once a lady gave me some gifts for being so polite, but I was only acting normal, I think.

Is there anything that surprised you about Czech culture?

Yes, I had never thought you had a lot of traditions, they are very nice. One of the other things that surprised me was the time you save for resting. In my previous experiences, I was usually working more relaxed, but all day and even on weekends, I’m learning to be more productive in fewer hours and take time for myself, and enjoy my free time here.

TBU Zlin

TBU Zlin

Do you plan to stay in Zlín after your PhD.?

Yes, I would like to stay more time and find a job after my studies. I enjoy nature and the quiet life, my health improved from living here, I found a love in Zlin.

What do you like to do during your free time in Zlín?

I like to go for a walk in the forest, to have time in the park, to go for a coffee, to visit the towns and villages near Zlin, they have always a lot of options to hiking or going by bike.

Do you have any advice for other international students who would like to come to study at Tomas Bata University in Zlín?

Sure, I recommend this small and forest city to study in a quiet and quality environment not only in academics but also in living. There is a good system of scholarships and student exchanges. It could be too quiet sometimes, but Zlin is in the heart of Europe, so it is very easy to visit other cities and other countries.



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