Aydan is a full-time Ph.D. at Tomas Bata University. She is studying at the Faculty of Management and Economics. Continue reading to get to know Aydan’s story. | TBU Zlin

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Why did you decide to study in the Czech Republic?

Actually, this is not my first educational period in Zlin, Czech Republic. During my bachelor’s degree, I came here as an exchange student for one academic year. I remember at that time my home university gave me two options to select, one university was TBU in the Czech Republic and another in Poland. I did research that which university will provide me with a good education and how it will impact my future as well. I found a web tour on webpage of Tomas Bata University. Then of course, the study program of the faculty was checked, and I finally made the decision that I want to go to this university to study. I had a good experience after the mobility.  And after a few years again when I decided to do my Ph.D. abroad, the second time I had solid reasons why I selected again TBU Zlin. I always believed that education plays an important role in a person’s life. Based on my previous experience, I can say that the university’s approach to its students, learning, teaching system, quality of study programs, lecturers, and overall, the environment makes me feel comfortable that I will receive the best support and education during my study here. On the other hand, I was looking for a safe and quiet place where I can fully focus on my research and studies, academic activities. Therefore, Zlin is the perfect place to study. TBU Zlin


What is the highlight of your studies here?


These days I am also teaching the seminar class, this is a requirement of a Ph.D. as well. Apart from it, I am mainly working on my thesis and academic papers and articles. From the first year, all Ph.D. students have offices where they can do research, to be in a university atmosphere, and of course, chit chat with other colleagues. And this environment helps me too much to work hard.


Do you find studying here difficult?


In the beginning yes. I think it is because of the difference in the education systems. But, best of the time I adapt, you just need time and support. But as I mentioned already, I never feel myself alone here. I know I will get an answer to all my questions from the university staff. There is always someone who will support you.


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Do you have any culture shock from moving here?

Well, there are many actually =) Obviously, all countries have their own culture, and there are many differences between the culture, food, of different countries. Same as my home country Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic. But the interesting one for me that I saw on Easter Monday in one village is that man has the right to whip the woman with the pomlazka (I hope I remember it right). That was a big shock for me. =) Another thing that people can freely paint on the street walls, like Lennon wall, it is like a dairy book for many people. (I am not sure if the people can do it still or not).  But I like that the Czech people buy a lot of flowers even they are not waiting for someone, almost everywhere, in all markets as well we can see flowers. I really like it. I appreciate a Czech people’s passion for museums and street events.


What is your favorite place in Zlin?

There are many places I like in Zlin. One of them is building 21, it has a beautiful views, especially at night. Then, I like to walk near the channel and feed the ducks. In summer I like to visit the picnic spot with my friends. One of my favourite places is located in Otrokovice. I don’t know exactly the name, but it is small like a lake, especially during summer I like to go there.


What was the most challenging part of moving here?


Well, the most challenging part was to decide. Because I had work already in my home country and of course my family members there. To control the emotions and feelings…


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What do you like the most about studying and living in the Czech Republic?

Regarding the study here, the university is well structured and organized. As I mentioned, the staff are so friendly and help all students a lo. Regarding to the living mostly I like here it is well connected to all of Central Europe, and I can travel without problem. I think the country has full of opportunities for everyone.


How does your typical day look like?


I spent my 5 days studying. My day here starts usually at 7 am. I wake up, take my water, and every morning I go for a walk up to the U13, U12 side. Then I am going to the faculty U2. Having a chat with my office friends if they are there. Then studying or writing something related to my research. On these days, every Monday and Tuesday, I have a seminar class for the students about HRM. I am preparing for the seminar. I am a bit selective with food, so if I like the cafeteria’s menu, I will go there for lunch. If I need to do some grocery shopping, then in the evenings I prefer to go to the market. I have good friends here, trying to spend some time with them as well. I like random day trips. Some days I just relax, enjoy doing nothing, just walking and enjoying life =). Taking some pictures to share on my social media =)


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Do you have a piece of advice for anyone who is considering studying abroad?

I think everyone in their life should study abroad at least for one semester. It will open many doors for them. And for those who are thinking to study abroad stop thinking and go for it. Believe me, it’s the way to get new experiences and remember that life is made up of experiences. It will completely change your life. Not only life but also approach, mindset, and many other things.  For me, it is an investment in yourself, your future, your career. Be open to the world, opportunities, and the most beautiful thing you will have many friends around the world. Maybe I am an example for those who plan to study abroad, here while studying abroad, I have learned and appreciated many, many things. I wish good luck to all the people who are reading this now and I hope it motivates and encourages them.


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