Orsolya fell in love with a Czech guy and decided to move to the Czech Republic. She wanted to continue her studies and decided to study here. Their love story blossomed with their first child being born. Do you want to know more about her story? Then continue reading | Zlin Tomas Bata University

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Why did you choose the Czech Republic for your studies?

Actually, the answer is really easy. I fell in love with a Czech guy, who lived in Zlín. So I wanted to be with him, therefore I started to check the Tomas Bata University master’s degree programs and there I found this Polymer Engineering master, which appealed to me.


What do you like the most about studying at TBU?

Definitely the friendly atmosphere! I love that here I can easily have tea with my teachers. We can recommend each other places to visit and they truly want to get to know me as a person. I also had a very good experience during my pregnancy, all my teachers supported me in “this journey” and due to their nice and constructive behavior, I could manage to finish all of my subjects. It is a lifelong memory from TBU.


Are you having any struggles with the language barrier?

At the hospital, it is hard without Czech! 🙂 However, I love learning a new language, but Czech is so different. Especially from English, Hungarian or French, which I have learned so far. And unfortunately, I do not have a good sense for language. But mostly I did not have any struggles, I think people really try to understand my Czech.


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What was your biggest culture shock?

My biggest shock was when I had two hours gap between my lessons and with my schoolmates, we went for a beer. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! For me it was crazy, but then I got to know, that in Czechia it is super normal. Also, the love for biathlon is adorable. Before I moved here, I have never heard of this type of sport, but here… It is a so important one. I also remember my first demonstration here in the Czech Republic. It was so calm. In Hungary, those are a little bit louder (unfortunately).

I think these are the most memorable culture shocks for me.


How does your typical day look like?

Nowadays my days are quite boring. I am writing my master thesis and waiting for my firstborn to be born (it should arrive in days 🙂 ).

Before this period, I usually got up around 7-8 am, it always depended on my timetable at school, made some breakfast in my dormitory room, and then went to my lessons. Usually, I was alone in the lectures, caused due to the pandemic situation there were much less Erasmus students and in my year, I am the only student in the English program. After lessons, I loved going to the shop and buying some bio or healthy ingredients, from which I could make nice food for myself.

In the evenings I tried to participate in ESN programs, meet with some friends, go to swimming, go to the TBU Czech course or have skype with my family. I also like reading articles about homemade cosmetics and how to live a greener and more sustainable life. From the gained knowledge from school and from these specific articles I always try new recipes which I always share on my website.


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Did you have a chance to explore Zlin and its surroundings? What did you like the most?

YES! I love hiking, traveling, and mineral waters, therefore during the pandemic every weekend I went somewhere. I love that the hills are really close to Zlín, there are many trails in the forest and also you can always find nice springs with cups in the forest! I love it! Of course, I always have my own cup, but I think it is unique, that if you do not have a cup, you can still enjoy the freshwater with the given cup. My favorite place is Luhačovice, but I like also Holešov with the boats in the castle garden, Vizovice, and of course the ZOO Zlín.

I also liked doing cross country skiing here in Zlín during winter. I have never tried skiing or cross country skiing before, so for me, it was an amazing and unforgettable memory. During the springtime or after my graduation, my dream is to go to the Vizovice goat farm and try their products.


Do you have any piece of advice for anyone who is considering studying at TBU?

If you are full of ideas, then TBU is your place. Here you will get the needed support and help from your teachers, and they will even answer to your craziest questions! Another great thing at TBU is that there are many interesting programs, so you have a huge variety to choose from, even in English. In addition, if you are from a V4 country always check the Visegrad Scholarship opportunity, cause with that scholarship you can have a financially smoother, nice time here!


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