Shakira is a student in the Master´s program Marketing Communication at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications. Why did she decide to study in Europe or what are her favorite places in Zlin? Continue reading and you will find out! | Zlin Tomas Bata University

Why did you decide to study in the Czech Republic?

The perks of studying in the Czech Republic outweigh everything else! There literally isn’t anything missing out here. Be it the quality of education, the standard of living, rich history, culture, architecture, exciting student life, food, or the famous Czech beer, everything is top-notch!

What is the highlight of your studies here?

The highlight of my studies is the fact that I’ve fallen in love with life. Moving to the Czech Republic was a very tough decision to make for me because I was worried about how it would turn out to be. But the University has supported me at every step ever since my first day here and life has never been better!

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Do you find studying here difficult?

I do not find studies here difficult at all because we have excellent faculty, and they use interactive ways of teaching which help us retain information for a long time. Not just that, the professors are very warm and friendly. They are willing to help us if we get stuck with something. They inspire me a lot and I can see myself growing and learning a lot from them!

Do you have any culture shock from moving here?

Definitely! Coming from a country like India, the biggest shock that I got after moving to the Czech Republic was the fact that the population here is so low and I could barely see people on the streets in a city like Prague!

What is your favorite place in Zlin?

My favorite place in this beautiful town is at the banks of the river Dřevnice. There are many ducks in the river and sometimes I can spot a nutria amongst them!

What was the most challenging part of moving here?

The most challenging part of moving to the Czech Republic was leaving everything behind in India. My job, family friends and so much more. But I really needed to get out of my comfort zone and do something challenging and it was surely worth it!

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What do you like the most about studying and living in the Czech Republic?

The best part about studying and living in the Czech Republic is the fact that this is such a beautiful country and the rest of Europe so easily accessible from here, specifically from Zlin.

What does your typical day look like?

I do not have the same schedule every single day because the lectures and seminars take place at different times daily. But I make it a habit to wake up early by 7 so I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee before I leave my dorm. I then walk to the university, and we spend most of my time in classes or in the iconic TBU library. In the evening I usually hang out with my friends at the cafe or at the park.

Do you have a piece of advice for anyone who is considering studying abroad?

I would say that you must not hesitate because believe me moving abroad will change your whole life and you as a person! So go for it


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