George has been studying at the Faculty of Applied Informatics and here is everything you need to know about his time at TBU Zlin.

TBU Zlin


Why did you choose the Czech Republic for your studies? 

I chose the Czech Republic because of the quality of education, low tuition fees when you compare it to other countries, location in the heart of Europe, and rich cultural heritage and history.


Why did you decide for TBU?

I decided on TBU because of the city Zlin, I also liked the fact that even though the university is relatively young, it has adequate and modern facilities that create a serene atmosphere for studies.


How do you find your study experience at TBU?

At first, it was incredibly challenging because of the pandemic but now I am used to it.


What is your favourite place in Zlin?

My favourite place in Zlin is the Bata Skyscraper.

TBU Zlin 2

What was your biggest culture shock?

My biggest culture shock has to be the Czech beer-drinking culture. 


What was the biggest challenge for you so far here?

My biggest challenge here is the Czech language, even though it is challenging, TBU has free Czech classes for international students.


How did you handle the weather change from moving to Europe?

It was very terrible for me in the first few months, I arrived here two years ago during the winter so you can imagine how it was for me. Now I am okay.


Is there anything you wish you knew before moving so far away from home?

I wish I had learned how to prepare lots of Ghanaian dishes, so I don’t miss home a lot. hahaha


Do you have any piece of advice for anyone considering studying at TBU?

I think TBU is an excellent choice for anyone who would want to study in the Czech Republic. TBU has a wide range of study programs in English for international students.

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