This year we are blessed with the winter we can see in the fairytales. Beautiful cold weather with loads of snow. But what can you do in this weather? In this article we will tell you, what locals love to do in Zlin covered in snow │ UTB Zlin

UTB Zlin

Source: Jan Salač, Turistický informační portál města Zlína



It`s not such a surprise that in the Czech Republic we love to keep ourselves warm with a good alcoholic beverage. Mulled wine is a drink that every Czech person loves to drink in a winter. Winter without mulled wine is not a proper winter. You can find it in almost every restaurant or pub. Before Christmas (and sometimes after them) you can find them on Christmas markets around Zlin. So go grab one! I promise you, you won`t be disappointed.


Having snow in Zlin is not very common during the winter. So let`s go enjoy it while is still here! No matter how old you are we still love going up the hill and slide down. Don`t bother buying the actual sledge. A plastic bag is as good and much more student`s budget friendly.


Ice skating is something we all love to do. You can do it as well! At the PSG Arena you can do it too! Check their website to see the exact times when you can go. Bear in mind that they do not borrow ice skates. But don`t worry, you can ask your Czech friends if they have some so you can borrow them.


We are all very lucky in Zlin and are blessed with a ski slope in the city center! You can find it right behind the Bata`s memorial! Borrow skis for example here and enjoy the slope! In case you are not comfortable on a ski slope but still want to enjoy the snow, you can borrow cross-country skis and have a wonderful time in the nature.


Not everyone enjoys the cold weather. If you are one of them, you can try to go to a laser game. Gather your friends and prepare yourself for a lot of fun. However, be aware that this kind of fun is physically challenging.


We all know that winter also means a lot of exams and stress. It is important to take care of yourself as well. Go for a swim in a public pool which also has a whirlpool or treat yourself with a relaxing massage. Turn your brain off and enjoy this time to the fullest.


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