Bata’s Skyscraper

Bata’s Skyscraper or as we locals call it “21” is the must in Zlin. On top the building you can get the nicest views to the whole city! On the top floor you can visit a café and enjoy your view with a good cup of coffee and take some nice photos. To make your experience more use paternoster (elevator that never stops)

University Library

For this one you don’t have to go far! Just visit our beautiful library. When the sun hits the glass interior in the right angle you will be blessed with amazing colors. Check it out in between classes or during a break at your studying session.

Bata’s Memorial

On the similar note at the University Library is the Bata’s Memorial right next to the slope. Architectonically unique building made mostly from glass creates beautiful colors and shapes. Bear in mind that if you want to go inside it is available only with a tour. The tour is very interesting so check it out as well. And a friendly tip at the end, in the summer months the memorial is very hot inside so maybe go there when the weather is colder.


Kocanda is located at Jižní Svahy, right at the last stop of busses number 6 and 8. Only few hundred meters away you can find a beautiful view of the east part of Zlin. Unfortunately, you won`t catch sunsets here due to its location. However, if you are a morning person you can find here stunning sunrises.

Bata’s Houses

One of the most iconic things in Zlín is the typical Bata’s house. Hundreds of cute houses create a magical atmosphere you cannot miss. Go for a walk at Letná or the rivers surroundings and you can see for yourself how pretty is it. I bet you won`t resist a take a couple of pictures.


Rooftop of shopping mall Prior

As you can tell by now, we are all about the views! Another hidden gem is at the rooftop of Prior. At the top floor is also a gallery which often has interesting exhibition, and a little café cannot be forgotten. We recommend you go there during spring or summer time and enjoy your coffee and a piece of cake outside.

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14/15 Platform

For the last one we are going back to the ground and to be more specific to the 14/15 Platform. You can find it next to the bus station in between library and a museum. We can recommend you go there for a sunset.

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