Let’s be honest, most of the students don’t have a big budget on their monthly expenses. We are trying to save money everywhere we can. In this article we have made you a list that will help you to save some coins | Living in Zlín

Ditch the public transport

Even though the public transport is relatively cheap you can still save some money on it. Zlín is not a big city, and you can get by foot almost everywhere. If you are in a hurry, use a Next Bike (bike sharing). They are located all over the city, and you can borrow the bike for free the first 15 minutes of your every ride.

Loyalty programs

We can’t think of a grocery shop or a café that does not offer a loyalty program. From collecting points that transfer to money, collecting stamp to get a free coffee, or coupons. Sign up for the programs and save money.

Shop shortly before closing hours

Many shops (such as Kaufland or Lidl) have a huge discount (we are talking 80% off and more!) on a fruits, vegetable and baked goods! Be aware, it’s not on every single article but on ones that are more likely to go bad within one or two days so ideal for your dinner! Sometimes they have veg and fruit baskets for like 25 CZK (the original price often goes over 200 CZK) Isn’t that a steal?

Look for low-cost activities

Our university offers many activities for free! For art enthusiast G18 gallery provides students with exhibitions and workshops. Sport freaks can sign up for curses at TBU and you don’t have to spend money on a gym membership.

Eat out without a need to break your piggy bank

Eating out is a huge part of student life. But how can you do it on a budget? Eat at school cafeteria or seek lunch deals that almost every restaurant has! Of course, cooking for yourself is cheaper but sometimes you just want to treat yourself so seek for these deals.

ISIC card is your best friend

With ISIC card you can get discounts on food, public transport or at galleries. This magic card is a must! The small fee you have to pay for the card is definitely worth it.

Farmers Market

In Zlín we have amazing farmers market that sells locals products. It is not just a better quality, but you also support locals. Cheaper and better, that’s the dream. Buy seasonal fruit and vegetable and you can save a lot of money!


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