Zlín is a hidden gem that comes to life under the warmth of the sun. This city is a blend of modern architecture, nature and rich cultural history which offers a variety of activities to make the most of a sunny day!

Exploring Zlín on a Sunny Day 1

Start with a morning stroll through Sad Komenského

Kickstart your day with a refreshing walk through Sad Komenského, one of the city’s most beloved parks. This green oasis is perfect for a leisurely morning stroll, a jog, or simply relaxing on a bench with a book. This place is a safe space where you can do many activities.
Our tip: In this park you can have a delicious coffee straight from the coffee cart.

Exploring Zlín on a Sunny Day 2

Visit the Baťa skyscraper and museum

Zlín is synonymous with the Baťa Shoe Company, and a visit to the Baťa Skyscraper (Building No. 21) is a must. This functionalist architectural marvel, once the headquarters of the Baťa empire, now houses administrative offices and offers a beautiful view of the city from its rooftop terrace.
Our tip: If your daily schedule will let you, visit this skyscraper at sunset.

Don’t forget to visit the Baťa Museum, where you can learn about the history of the company and its impact on the city’s development.

Explore local markets

Don’t miss the local farmers’ markets known as Tržiště pod Kaštany. Here, you can find fresh produce, handmade crafts, and delicious local treats. It’s a great way to experience the local culture and support regional vendors.

Stop at a local café

After a morning of exploration, visit one of Zlín’s cafés. Zlín is known for its many great cafés, which students often choose for their study time. Cafés like Továrna, Jedním Tahem, Park Café, Mr. Coffee, Mercii or Café 204 offers a delightful selection of coffees and pastries in a cozy atmosphere. In all of them you can enjoy your coffee outside on a little garden or terrace.

Exploring Zlín on a Sunny Day 3

Afternoon at the Zlín Zoo and Chateau Lešná

Zlín Zoo, located within the picturesque grounds of Chateau Lešná, is a fantastic destination for the afternoon. Wander through different continents and explore the themed sections of the zoo. You can also take a break to admire the stunning Lešná Chateau.

Our tip: If you have extra time, consider taking a day trip to nearby town and attractions. For example the beautiful town of Kroměříž, known for its stunning Baroque palace and gardens, is just a short drive away. Here you can check out more tips for trips around Zlín.

Exploring Zlín on a Sunny Day 4

Discover galeries and museums

In Zlín you can also visit many museums or galleries if you are interested in art and culture. For art enthusiasts, the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín is a must-visit. The gallery boasts an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art.

Denifinitely don’t miss the G18 Gallery, which is a cultural platform of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at UTB Zlín. It focuses on contemporary trends shaping current design and art – especially in the Czech and European spheres.

The cabinet of film history is also worth a visit – a unique permanent exhibition of artefacts from the history of Zlín studios. The exhibition features authentic puppets, sets, props and art designs for Zlín films, as well as personal items of the filmmakers.

Evening walk and dinner in the city center

As the day slowly comes to an end, take a slow evening walk through Zlín’s city center through náměstí Míru and then for dinner, head to one of Zlín’s renowned restaurants, such as Bistrotéka Valachy or Kozlovna which offers a blend of traditional Czech cuisine and modern culinary delights.
Here you can find more tips on cheap places where to eat in Zlín.

Experience the local nightlife

After a nice day and good meal, dive into the local nightlife. Zlín has a variety of bars and pubs where you can enjoy czech beers and live music. Try popular spots like Retro bar, Terasa1, Kozlovna, Budvarka or MusicBar Pštros for a vibrant night out.

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