Our students from the Faculty of Multimedia Communications and the Faculty of Management and Economics shared several reasons why it is worth studying at UTB. Find out why you should experience life in Zlín!

The Main Reasons to Study at UTB

Elvira, Ukraine

City of unlimited opportunities

City of unlimited opportunities is kind of a slogan for Zlín. It has whatever you can think about: quiet places for recreation, fancy cafes, library, a lot of parks to walk in, aswell as it has a lot of cultural events, such as Zlín Design Week. If you’re into sports – don’t worry, Zlín’s got you! The University has a lot of different activities, and trust me, there’s everything you can think about: from pilates to football to kendo. Also, I was growing up in a very big and loud city, and Zlín, with all its nature and architecture, was a big contrast for me. However, living there makes me happy.

Financial aspect

Zlín is a cheap city to live in, and it mattered for me as a student. TBU provides its students with a broad choice of accommodation – from ordinary student dorms to a 2-store loft apartment, so you can find something suitable for you. Since it’s not really a big city, all of the student places, like coffee shops are pretty affordable, so you don’t have to spend a fortune just to go and study in a cute place.

University events

TBU is a great place for a further academic development. I study at Faculty of Management and Economics, and there’s a conference held at least once in two weeks. Last semester we’ve even had speakers from Czech National Bank, which was very useful and interesting for students at our faculty. A lot of these events are in English, so even if you’re in international student, you’re able to attend most of them.

Party life

Obviously, we often associate student life with going to parties, festivals and concerts, because when, if not while we’re young and carefree? And even in that area, TBU is one of the best universities. Students Union is not just organizing the parties – they create a lifelong memories. Of course, there are a lot of different types of parties in TBU – but my most memorable one is, of course, welcoming of the freshman. We’ve sweared on our left shoe (don’t even ask) that we will stay a good students, which means: partying, doing everything on the last minute and trying to pass exams. Second favorite is Majales, a live music festival, which is held at the beginning of May.

Nghi, Vietnam

Quality of education

From the moment I discovered UTB, I felt a deep connection. The study program perfectly aligns with my academic interests and career dreams. It’s not just about gaining knowledge; it’s about transforming it into real-world skills. This blend of theory and practice made me confident that UTB was where I belonged. The Czech education system is renowned for its excellence and rigorous standards. Knowing I would receive a top-notch education at UTB filled me with excitement and anticipation.

Location of The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, nestled in the heart of Europe, is a treasure trove of culture and history. Its central location means I can easily explore the rich tapestry of European cultures. Moreover, the currency exchange rate between the Vietnamese Dong (VND) and the Czech Koruna (CZK) is favourable, making my dream of studying abroad financially attainable. Zlín, where UTB is located, is an ideal student city. It’s a peaceful, welcoming, affordable oasis for focused study and personal growth.

Support at school

One of the most touching aspects of my experience at UTB has been the incredible support from the faculty and staff. The professors and administrative staff are not just experts in their fields; they are mentors who genuinely care about my success and well-being. Their unwavering support and encouragement have been a source of strength and inspiration for me.


Coming from Vietnam, I was initially anxious about adapting to a new environment. However, the warm and inclusive atmosphere at UTB quickly put my fears to rest. The university and the city of Zlín embraced me with open arms. The friendly locals, safe surroundings, and beautiful green spaces made me feel at home and truly welcomed.

In summary, choosing UTB in Zlín was the best decision I could have made. The perfectly tailored study program, the strategic European location, the favorable currency exchange, the outstanding education system, and the student-friendly city made UTB the perfect choice for me. But above all, it’s the people who have been supportive and caring for me throughout the study journey in Czech. They have made my time here so incredibly fulfilling and memorable. My heart is full of gratitude and joy for choosing UTB as my university.

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